Cobot Explained

Cobot Explained

Cobots, or simply collaborative robots, are robots or machines that are intended to be used alongside human users within close proximity, allowing humans to make their work easier and faster. In contrast to typical robots in manufacturing and industrial sectors, cobots remove the barriers between machines and humans, enabling collaboration between the two.

Unlike robots deployed in typical manufacturing, cobots are lighter, smaller and safer. However, cobots are still able to do heavy workloads such as lifting kilograms of loads, relieving the stress from the workers. Cobots have features that assure the safety of the employees, equipped with sensors that will alert users for emergencies and will stop functioning if it detects hazards for the users.

Cobots can learn multiple tasks that are either too much or repetitive for workers, but human users can still assist with. With the use of cobots, the capabilities of humans are still needed as they are not designed to replace the workers entirely. Instead, they serve to help humans by giving an extra assistance, and in many cases, a literal helping hand (robotic arms).

They are used in various industries that need quality inspection, basic pick-and-place functions, packaging, among other uses. Cobots are also easily programmable, installed in a short amount of time, cost-efficient and enables productivity between the workers.

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