Private Email Server Explained

Private Email Server Explained

A private email server is an email system that’s offered via a private server for better functionality, privacy and security. Most public email providers like Google and Hotmail use their own servers to host your emails. Your contacts and emails are stored in their server. While steps are taken to keep them secure, the chances of having your data compromised are higher.


A private email server hosts your email on a private server. Organisations tend to opt for a private email server as it is more secure. Your emails will be hosted on the private server, which may either be a physical server in your data centre or even a virtualised server in your system or the cloud. These servers have all the operating systems which allow essential services required for email.

Private email servers are privately administrated. This means your organisation has control over who can run, use and manage your email system. It allows organisations to feel more secure as most of their data are stored within their access. At the same time, private email servers are able to also allow and prevent access to your business emails.

Private email servers also provide storage and backup services for your email data. Your organisation is able to store important information in this server, knowing that data is within your access and is safe. At the same time, you are able to manage multiple email accounts from different providers to avoid email overload. The security features in your private email server will be able to scan your emails for any malicious content.

With email security being a major concern, especially with issues like phishing emails, many organisations prefer the use of private email servers as they are more secure compared to public hosted email servers. Apart from having your own private email server, organisations can also opt for using private hosted servers offered by vendors such as Synology MailPlus which is an intuitive and powerful webmail client for organizing emails, checking company address books, and sharing mailboxes with work partners.

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