Cyber Safety Explained

Cyber Safety Explained

Cyber Safety refers to the safe and responsible use of ICT.
Cyber Safety is not just about keeping systems and data safe, but its about using IT systems responsibly and treating other individuals and their data with respect.

The term “netiquette” which highlights the needs for “good manners” when communicating online is a day in day out example of Cyber Safety in action.

Cyber Safety is also linked to remaining vigilant to Cyber Bullying the effects of which are not limited to children and teenagers, cyber bullying across corporate IT is a real problem. Cyber Safety is about remaining vigilant to any kind of threat that compromise online respect. This can including “flaming”, Impersonation, denigration, harassment and even cyber stalking.

Cyber Safety starts by ensuring users of IT systems are aware of threats, act accordingly to mitigate them and don’t abuse systems themselves.

Cyber Safety is also about being aware of risks and protecting yourself against them. The Internet is perfect for cyber impersonators to trick people into giving away details such as social security numbers, credit card or bank details or any other form of personal identification. Staying safe means thinking about whether the source asking you for these types of details can truly be trusted. You should expect to authenticate who you are before ever passing this kind of information along.

Ultimately Cyber Safety is most relevant to those people who supervise young people using IT. Schools, colleges and online portals dedicated to younger users all need to have cyber safety at the forefront of the total security policies.

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