Integrated Data Protection

Integrated Data Protection

Data protection refers to the safeguarding of information from being affected by losses, stolen, compromise or corrupted systems. With data coming from various sources today, data protection is becoming more important as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates.

There are numerous data protection solutions available in the market today. Each solution caters to different types of data and state the data is in. Also, a data protection strategy ensures that data can be restored quickly should there be any incidences. Ensuring data privacy as well as protecting data from being compromises are key components of data protection as well.

For backup, the traditional rule of data protection is to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule. This includes protecting your data on-premises be it on your hardware or private cloud, on a secondary storage device or facility and having data backup on the cloud. When it comes to data protection in the cloud, authentication identity, encryption, secure detection, integrity check, access control and data masking are all the techniques applicable to cloud computing.

Integrated data protection is the convergence of data protection, backup and disaster recovery processes. Among the highlights of integrated data protection are:

Protect data anytime, anywhere

Find data quickly and effortlessly

Delivered “as a service”

Integrated data protection can be delivered via a cloud solution, tightly packaged on premise software, or a turnkey appliance. The way it is delivered is dependent on each individual case. The key is that multiple components of backup, archive and DR are brought together in a single managed solution.

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