AI-Driven Security Operations Explained

AI-Driven Security Operations Explained

AI-driven security operations is an approach in the implementation of security within an organisation that leverages the power of artificial intelligence – including machine learning, advanced data analytics and automation.

This approach uses AI capabilities to enable organisations to not only manage the sprawling collection of security devices they have in place and see and protect data, applications and workflows spread across thousands or even millions of edges, users, systems, devices and critical applications. 

In AI-Driven security operations, enterprises can ensure timely detection of advanced threats, faster analysis and accurate responses to threats. This is vital in today’s IT landscape, where organisations are subjected to a constant deluge of data from various systems and devices.

AI-Driven security operations solve this by enabling organisations to analyse huge amounts of data faster and more efficiently to quickly detect threats. It also empowers various tools to analyse threats more effectively through the use of data, and learning from past cybersecurity incidents using machine learning (ML) capabilities.

An example of a platform that integrates such capabilities is Fortinet’s AI-Driven Security Operations. Offering several tools for organisations, Fortinet utilises varying types of AI used in various locations for complementary purposes – from inline security controls that can be deployed throughout an organisation, centralised advanced threat detection and response in the SOC, to advance analytics and global threat intelligence.

In addition, Fortinet’s ML and AI-driven Security Operations go well beyond the simple tasks most intelligent solutions have been designed for. The ML systems woven into Fortinet’s global FortiGuard Labs services, for example, constantly assess new files, websites and network infrastructures to identify malicious components of cybercrime campaigns and dynamically generate new threat intelligence that allows organisations to predict and prevent cyber threats.

Such use of AI gives organisations a cohesive security infrastructure that fully integrates actionable threat intelligence and automates real-time advanced threat protection – enabling security teams to keep up with the evolving and accelerating threat landscape.

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